Voltage Detector sensor

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Voltage Detector Sensor:

Voltage Sensor used to detect the voltage range of any device. It determines the electrical charge in any device. This works on the principle of either resistive or capacitive. The output can easily get through the Arduino. The input terminal voltage is 5 times smaller. The voltage detector range selected not greater than the input terminal voltage. This measures both AC and DC level. The detection is based on Voltage divider.

There will be two part in the sensor namely, Output and Input side.

Output side:

The output side contains three pins.

  • Vcc- Supply voltage
  • GND-Ground
  • S- Analog output data

Input Side:

The device whose output voltage range detected is connected in the input side. The input side contains two pins namely Positive and Negative pins. The device positive and negative pins connected to the positive and negative pins of the sensor.


Types of Voltage Sensor:

  • Capacitive Voltage Sensor
  • Resistive Type Sensor

The principle of Voltage Sensor:

Capacitor Type:

The capacitor consists of two conductors and an insulator in the middle. When capacitor powered with 5 Volt, current start to flow in the capacitor. This creates attraction or repulsion of electrons inside the Capacitor. The capacitance variation indicates the voltage. The capacitor is connected in series.

Resistive Type:

Resistive type voltage sensor comprises of a Voltage divider circuit and bridge circuit. The resistor acts as a sensing element. The voltage is divided into two resistors. A reference voltage and variable resistor make a voltage divider circuit. A supply voltage applied to a circuit. The resistance used determines the output voltage. In this, the variation of voltage is amplified.

The bridge circuit contains four resistors build in the form of the bridge. One of the resistors subjected to the voltage detector device. The voltage change directly displayed. This variation alone amplified whereas in voltage divider circuit the variation is not only amplified.


  • Fault detection.
  • Load variation.
  • Temperature measurement.
  • Safety purpose.



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