Water level sensor module


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Water level sensor module:

Level sensors mainly used to monitor and regulate levels of a particular free-flowing substance within a contained space. These substances are usually liquid, however, level sensors also, used to monitor some solids such as powdered substances. Level sensors widely used industrially, as level acts as an important monitoring parameter.
This is a low cost easy to use. This water level sensor module has a series of parallel exposed traces to measure droplets/water volume in order to determine the water level. Very Easy to monitor water level as the output to an analog signal is directly proportional to the water level.

This is a probe type water level sensor. This type works on the principle single point probe sensor principle.


Point Probe sensors are mostly Capacitive type or Resistive. The sensor will have dielectric constants. They measure changes in the value of capacitance when the sensor is dipped into the liquid. The change corresponds to Level variation. Two types of sensors are available, one with high dielectric constants and another with low dielectric constants. This sensor will work with the different range of solids, liquids and mixed materials. These sensors also available both in contact or non-contact type sensor. It is important to know whether the sensor works with all types of material or tank. The sensor requires calibration for the specific type of material as the dielectric constant varies and for tank design.

If the board has water or another fluid covering all the wire, then it will output a maximum analog value reading. Since analog values read by an Arduino range from 0 (lowest reading) to 1023 (highest reading), a board completely submerged with a liquid will have a reading of 1023 by an Arduino. If the board is halfway covered, a reading of about 512 read by the Arduino. If the board is 1/4 covered by a liquid, then the Arduino will read about 256. And if no liquid is on it at all, then a near 0 reading obtained. This output analog values directly read via ADC and also connected directly to Arduino’s analog input pins.

Specifications of Water Level Sensor Module

  • Working Voltage: DC 3-5 V.
  • Working Current: <20 mA.
  • Sensor Type: Simulation.
  • Detection Area: 40 mm x 16 mm.
  • Size: 65 mm x 20 mm x 8 mm.

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