Wireless direction control of DC Motor

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Components Included::

  • RF Module 433 MHz
  • DIP Switch(4 Channel)-1
  • Resistor
  • Diode 1N4007
  • Rectifier diode
  • HT12D-1
  • HT12E-1
  • L298N-1
  • 7805-2
  • DC Motor-1
  • Terminal block 2 end-2
  • LED-2
  • IC socket-3


The main aim of Wireless direction control of a DC motor is to provide associate economical and easy methodology to control the direction of DC motor exploitation RF. This kit uses RF modules, Transmitter, Receiver, HT12E RF Encoder, and HT12D RF Decoder. Four switches square measure provided at the transmitter finish, to regulate the speed and direction of the DC motor that connected at the receiver’s aspect that provided to rotate the motor in right-handed / Counterclockwise direction.


The components used are RF modules, Transmitter, Receiver, HT12E RF Encoder, and HT12D RF Decoder.

RF Module:

RF Module is a tiny device accustomed Transmit and Receive radio signals between two devices. It has the ability to speak with another device wirelessly. It should operate over a definite distance and transfer the data among a knowledge rate. The RF Module operating range is 3V-12V. Mostly used RF module is 433MHz RF TX and RX. The transmitter attracts no power once transmission logic zero whereas absolutely suppressing the carrier frequency so it draws low power in battery operation. The information transmitted serially from the transmitter and received by a tuned receiver. The data travel even there is an obstacle. The RF module receives the information and transmits and receives serially through an Antenna. Once logic one is made with help of a switch, a transmitter is ON and there is a high power offer within the vary from 4-5 mA.

Encoder and Decoder:

The encoder is a unit series of CMOS LSIs for remote and RF applications. They are capable of secret wiring 12 bits of info that consists of N address bits and 12-N data bits. HT12E Encoder IC main function is to convert parallel data into serial data. It encodes the given input data and sends the output from the output pin. This output data delivery to the decoder and after that data passed.

HT12D Decoder IC is a 212 series for remote control applications. It is commonly helpful for radio frequency (RF) wireless applications. HT12D simply converts serial data to its input (get through RF receiver) to 12 bit parallel data. These 12 bit parallel data is partition into 8 address bits and 4 data bits. Using 8 address bits we can provide 8-bit security code for 4-bit data and used to address multiple receivers by using the same transmitter.


The direction of the motor controlled by employing a DIP switch, RF Module, and L298N motor driver. The dominant completed by DIP switch. If the switch is ON, information is transmitted to RF TX then widespread by a tuned receiver. The received information distributed to L293D that manages the direction of DC motor.



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