Need problem statements

I have to make a project but i dont have any idea to execute it …..can u help me …..!

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  • Finger POINTengg says:

    Hello Praveen,

    We appreciate your interest for doing projects. We are here to guide you. We provide some of the problem statement.

    1.Power plant mainly depends on water source. This usage of water affects efficiency and people are also not interested in investing water in powerstations, which can be replaced by any intermediate product.

    2.Demand for current varies time to time. According to demand the boiler runs below its maximum efficiency. If there is any intermediate device for storing electricity before connecting to grids, the demand can be met and boiler runs at maximum efficiency. Statistical reports ensure that, if it is implememted, just 3 to 4 power plants in India is enough.

    3. Most of the cleaning activities like scavenging, drainage cleaning are done manually even nowadays in big malls and companies too, Manless technique can be found to clean the waste around us.

    4.In this busy world, many people think that driving the car is waste of time. During driving other activities can be done. For this, Automatic car driving module can be introduced even for low end cars available today.

    5.Most of the crackers shop leads to explosion in some occasion. In order to eliminate this, you can do a project.

    If you want more also ask further. We are here to guide you in projects. After seeing this please leave a reply.. We will be waiting for your reply…

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