Project Ideas for Final Year Engineering students

Self-balancing Robot using Arduino

The self-balancing Robot useful in Industrial Automation. The system comprises Arduino, Pair of DC Motor, Gyroscope and Accelerometer. This system requires feedback and correcting elements. The tilt angle and rotation in all 3 direction are found experimentally, PID based control design will be used. Using results, Self-balancing state is achieved using PID control action and Arduino.

Prepaid Energy Meter using Arduino and GSM module

As Technology is developing, the need for systems with Automation and security is set. The change of traditional meter reading can be overcome by Prepaid Energy meter. In this, we can recharge in balance, similar to our mobile phones. This automated system can be designed using Arduino and GSM. We can easily recharge our electricity bills through SMS and limit also set to notify us. If there is a low balance, we can also disconnect the power supply in the home. This may avoid false reading and save time for us.

GPS Based Real Time Vehicle Tracking System for Kid’s Safety Using RFID and GSM:

As the crime sequence is increasing a lot, Monitoring and tracking of the Schoolkids are necessary. To solve this big issue, a vehicle position system can be developed using an RFID system. This system facilitates to know about the area where the vehicle has crossed the path using RFID. The GPS technology connected with this system helps in acquiring updated in the school server. This proficient tracking structure with an enriched feature is designed and implemented for the purpose of protection in various stream. This system will be helpful for the safety of school kids and even in the professional security system.

IoT based Home Automation using Raspberry Pi

Automation is necessary for this new era. The IoT based Home Automation using Raspberry Pi helps the people to be connected with their Home. They can talk to the devices in their home. The sensors and smart devices collect the necessary data according to our requirement and convert into useful data. These data can be read by the Raspberry Pi and actions to be performed will be done. The Raspberry Pi collects data from sensors or takes in speech or gesture commands and interprets them to manage household devices like fan, light, heater, door, and opening and closing of curtains.

Arduino Based Speed Control of DC Motor by Using LabVIEW

The speed of a DC motor varies proportionally to the input voltage. With a fixed supply voltage, the speed of the motor can be changed by switching the supply on and off so frequently that the motor notices only the average voltage effect and not the switching operation. The control of the speed of a DC motor done by PWM technique. The project basically consists of Arduino and motor driver, the thermal sensor, current sensor. The program is written in LabVIEW to take the input values from the user, then rotates the motor by varying duty cycle pulse on the motor. Arduino along with LabVIEW is used to create the virtual instrument for designing a real-time embedded controller for controlling the speed of a DC motor in an open loop control system.

Accelerometer Based Wireless Gesture Controlled Robot for Medical Assistance using Arduino Lilypad:

This project is mainly for Specially-abled people. This act as assistance for them and controlled wirelessly via gesture. The accelerometer sensor detects the gesture or change in the gesture through which the patient will control the robot for assistance and a microcontroller will command wirelessly, depending upon sensor’s value to move it in the desired direction.  There are two parts of the whole process, a transmitting circuit and a receiving circuit. The most important part for any medical assistance system is the part which will be associated with the patient and in this case it is the transmitting circuit. So it has to be easy to use and most importantly easy to carry. This system uses Lilypad  Arduino as the main controller which makes easy to wear. An RF Module used as a data transmitter.

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