Quantum Internet~ Challenge for hackers

Hacking is breaking into a computer or a network in an unauthorized way.  The person who does these activities termed as a Hacker. They perform such activities to get some data from social media or government files. This was prevented by the introduction of Quantum communication. This use single particles of light called “Photons”. This secures the information from hackers. This is overcome by Quantum Internet.

Quantum Internet

Quantum communication limits how much information single photon can send in a secure way, termed as “Secret bit rate”. Researchers developed a new technique increase secret bit rate 100-fold, sends 35 million photons of light per second.

This new technique helps us to send large-sized data like Megabyte in a second rather than sending a sentence.

Even though a hacker well versed, it would impossible to hack the information by the law of physics. The information not disturbed. To transmit a single bit of information, it takes multiple attempts. Large photons generated means, faster the data transmitted.


From a source, a large number of photons generated per second, but only a few of them used. To transmit the information, which limits the speed of communication. Faster communication actually modified in which a light pulse from a laser beam, excites an electron which disturbs the crystal lattice. This emits a single photon at a time.

The speed increased by developing a new source of light. The light source contains a small particle of diamond placed between a silver cube and a silver film. Inside the diamond, one of the carbon atoms replaced by nitrogen and vacancy created due to missing of carbon atoms.

This defect is facilitating the photon interaction with orbiting the electrons revolving vacant electron. This interaction through the hybrid light particles known as “Plasmons”.  The generating photons transmitted faster by converting plasmons into photons through nanoantenna. Next, this system introduced on System for on-chip security. This connects the plasmonic antenna with waveguides which transmits the photon to different directions.

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