Relief from Insomnia

For some of us,figuring out how to fall asleep at night is a challenge.Here some new  gadgets are designed to help us.

Philips Somneo (Philips)


1. Philips somneo:

  •   It simulates a sunset and has seven different settings for lights and sounds to help with breathing exercise.

2.Sleep Score Max Sleep Tracker:

  • Using an app the device is configured.

  • It monitors how well you sleep based on breathing.

  • Provide  tips  based on our situation.

3.Beddi Glow:

  • It  mimic a colour of sunset and sunshine by using an app.

  •  Help us doze off by playing white noise, nature sounds, music from your phone, or a built-in FM radio.

4.Kutson Queen Mattress:

  •  allows  to customize the interior foam stiffness

5.C by GE Sol:

  •  We can talk to the Amazon bot, adjust color and light intensity settings, and play music using voice commands.

  • At night, we can adjust the hue to mimic a sunset.

6.Nightingale Premium:

  •  The package includes two wall outlet covers that emit surround-sound audio.

  •  Using an app, you configure your room size; then, the product emits background noise

7.Sleep Number 360 P6:

  • An AI monitors and adjusts the mattress.

  •  A sensor that adjusts the height of the bed  and a foot warmer to alleviate snoring.

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