SCREWTENIZERS~All Terrain Vehicle


Designed and Fabricated by Team of 20 members from Government College of Technology…
👉 These ATV’s can drive at Rough lands, Seashores, Mud area, Snowfall, etc…
👉 ATV’s are more safer in design and aesthetics as compared to the commercial Vehicles..
👉 ATV’s are now used in Rescue missions like Land slides, Earthquakes, and other disasters…
👉 In Corporate sectors, ATV’s are effectively utilized in Mining Industries, Petroleum based Industries, Weopen handling Industries, etc..
 👉 There are some newly evolved ATV brands like SCREWTENIZERS are serving their best in ATV designs and variants..
👉 Today, most of the Common people are fascinated towards ATV Vehicles and so that it is estimated that the market share of these ATV Vehicles will enhance upto 15% by the end of 2020.


PROBLEM 1:  We faced a STANDARDIZATION problem while manufacturing. For normal commercial vehicle, we can buy spares (even fasteners) easily in available stores. But ATV is a new field, so availability of spares  (drive shaft, fasteners) is very less.

SOLUTION: Own designing of components. But however we can’t able to replace the component even there is an urgency. Only best solution is to manufacture all necessary components and sell it in market, so that we can have a stock of components for replacement.

PROBLEM 2: Difficult to design for 4 seater, since size compact is primary objective of an ATV. Space utilization of the vehicle should be effective.

SOLUTION: Hook based pull system, is the one & only solution.

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