Shatter-proof mobile phone screens a step closer

  • Do you ever frustrated when you have dropped your mobile phone and get a large crack in the screen??
  • Here is a great way to overcome the above problem by making a new type of glass.
  • A new type of glass is called as Alumino-silicate, which is used in the screens of mobile devices.
  • The glass is appeared to be structured randomly, but it was actually quite ordered at the microscopic level of a few atoms.
  • The glasses we analysed are mostly composed of aluminium and silicon oxides, and can also contain various elements such as sodium, potassium, calcium or magnesium each element influences the flexibility and resistance of the glass.
  • The glass is tested and measured the viscosity of molten glass at more than 1,000 degrees Celsius and the density of the glass when cooled and formed.
  • The research findings also shed light on the crucial role that lava oceans and volcanoes played in the geological evolution of Earth.
  • This research also paved way to produce suitable for storing nuclear waste more effectively than current practices.


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