Smart Lens measure Glucose level

  • Technology has reduced our need to visit a doctor every now and then. Be it glucose meter or a weight machine, these small yet efficient instruments guard our money and health.
  • Though conspicuously available, a constant upgradation makes them more reliable, portable, effective and comparatively cheap.This novel biosensing contact lens that can measure glucose level – a much needed aid for diabetes patients.
  • The research team explains that the mere contact lens actually holds flexible and transparent electronics components that can measure Glucose level just by using tears in the eye.
  • Unfortunately, the newest product could not be tested in human but it pictures a colorful future, gaining demands for its “no pain but gain” i.e. non-invasive nature. The only reason to frown is, failed attempts taken up by similar research prototypes. Due to poor wearability, those ideas could never materialize.
  • An enzyme based finger-pricking method is one of the most utilized glucose monitoring tools but with this upgradation, the instrument will be better accepted since it does not include blood in a direct manner.
  • And to address wearability issues the research team innovated a smart contact lens that includes electrodes containing supremely stretchable and transparent materials with a glucose sensor which again transfers an electrical signal to a LED.
  • Finally, this small bug in our eye will be able to transmit real-time information and analyze it using an embedded wireless antenna in the lens.
  • The prototype has been live tested on a rabbit via non-invasive in-vivo procedure and it did not show any sign of abnormality even after multiple blinks and the LED indicator turned-off just as the tear fluid with Glucose concentration crossed the threshold value.
  • The lens, in fact, maintains the normal eye temperature even undergoing a wireless transmission.
  • The device does not obstruct the wearer’s view since it is made of transparent nanomaterials.
  • The wireless antenna is being used to read sensor information, no separate power source like the battery has been utilized.

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