Smart Vaunt Glass

Intel has developed a prototype for a pair of smart glasses that are designed to look normal – or at least, normal for a pair of smart glasses.

This glass is designed to use for public.

The horn-rimmed camera-less glasses have a very different look from Google Glass. Intel’s Vaunt glasses are designed with minimalistic functionality so the pair only weighs about 50 grams (about a tenth of a pound), and apart from an occasional “red glimmer,” the lens display isn’t visible to anyone on the other side of the glasses.

The lens can display “simple basic information” into the right eye.

The image is called a retinal projection: A red monochrome projector shines an image on a “holographic mirror,” which bounces the image into your eye.


To avoid having text in your line of sight all the time, Intel built the glasses so that the dashboard shows up only when the user glances down at the bottom of the frame.

The second the user looks up, the display disappears. There’s no need for hand gestures.

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