Tesla Battery reduces cost of power outages

Tesla battery installed in South Australia helped in massive drop in cost of backing up region’s power supply in 2017.

This is has reduced the price of expensive power outages by 90 per cent, powered by wind power.

It has been recorded smoothing out major energy outages far quicker than existing backups that are meant to provide emergency power, and it has now taken a majority share of the market.

When there is a fault in Australian power grid, energy market operator should call for Frequency control and Ancillary services(FCAS).

These services consist of costly, fossil fuel-powered backup systems.

The Tesla project, on the other hand, is based around an enormous lithium ion battery that is capable of providing the same service not only quicker and cheaper, but also with zero emissions.

The performance of battery revealed it has now taken 55 per cent of FCAS in the region. They experienced a decline in FCAS costs in recent months.

FCAS system rely on volatile fuel costs, the wind power the battery relies on is fixed at a cheap and stable price.

This system has been welcomed by Government. This has led to interest in further Tesla projects, with a solar-powered version set to be built in the Australian state of Victoria.

While the Hornsdale Power Reserve battery currently holds the title of the world’s largest, Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently hinted at an even larger project set to be announced soon.

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