Test if your batteries are charged or not…!

No need to search for old traditional voltmeters or ammeters or multimeters to check whether the battery is charged or not.

Here is the easy way,

  1. Just drop it on the floor.
  2. If it bounces, it is discharged.
  3. If not, it is charged



We, cant believe such mysterical facts. Here is the reason, why a discharge battery bounces……

A non-rechargeable alkaline battery begins life using zinc powder mixed into a gel containing a potassium hydroxide electrolyte separated from a paste of manganese dioxide powder mixed with carbon powder using a porous membrane. To minimize hydrogen outgassing an extra measure of manganese dioxide is added. As the battery discharges manganese dioxide powder changes to manganese oxide causing the powdered granules to bond both chemically and physically. This packed-sand consistency reduces the antibounce effect exhibited by the gel mixture when the battery was fully charged.

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