Wooden Bicycle designed by Coimbatore person

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

The Coimbatore-based interior designer wouldn’t have come up with Wooden bicycles.

PK Murugesan, 33, searched for a new frame for his bicycle that was damaged. This led him to design a frame using engineered wood or plywood.

In the process, he decided to modify his bicycle completely using wood, except for the crucial parts such as the handlebar and the seat.

He started this as an experiment. Also, as he had an interest in environmental issues, he thought to make a wooden bicycle.

This would attract people’s attention (to bicycles), as they are one of the most important ways to tackle vehicular emissions.

When Murugesan took his wooden bicycle out for a ride, it grabbed people’s attention. It took Murugesan around 15 days to sketch the design and fabricate the first wooden bicycle.

It cost him around 25,000 to make the first one. But he was planning to improve the design, which would bring down the cost to 18,000. He also has plans to register his design and start a firm.

In the first wooden bicycle he made, Murugesan used the tires of city terrain bikes, which are suitable to ride only on paved surfaces. In the forthcoming design, he was planning to use multi-terrain bike tires which would be suitable for long rides.


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