World’s smallest wearable device measures UV exposure

  • The wafer thin, feather-light sensor can fit on a fingernail and precisely measures a person’s exposure to UV light from sun.
  • The device as light as rain drop and small in circumference is powered by sun and contains worlds most sophisticated and accurate UV dosimeter.
  • The main goal is to provide a technology platform that can save lives and reduce skin cancer to modulate their exposure to sun.
  • UV Sense has no moving parts, no battery, is waterproof and can be attached to almost any part of the body or clothing, where it continuously measures UV exposure in a unique accumulation mode.
  • It is orders of magnitude smaller than anything else out there. It also is one of the few sensors that directly measure the most harmful UV rays and also records the body temperature.
  • Users need only to download an app on their smartphone, then swipe the phone over the device to see their exposure to the sun, either for that day or over time.
  • The app can suggest other, less UV-intense times for outdoor activities or give peace of mind to individuals who are concerned about overexposure.
  • UV Sense is transformative technology that permits people to receive real-time advice via mobile phone messages when they exceed their daily safe sun limit.
  • The aesthetic design features of UV Sense are also important because they can help break down barriers to adoption. The device can be produced in any color with any pattern, logo or branding.


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